Intercom is a customer messaging platform that helps businesses build personalized relationships with their customers through targeted, in-app, and email messages.
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What is Intercom

Intercom is a customer messaging platform designed to help businesses build strong, personalized relationships with their customers. It provides a suite of tools to engage customers across various channels, including in-app, email, and in-product messages. With Intercom, businesses can target specific customer segments, automate workflows, and measure the effectiveness of their messaging strategies. This platform is particularly useful for companies looking to improve customer onboarding, retention, and overall customer experience.

Key Features of Intercom

Intercom offers a range of features to help businesses effectively communicate with their customers.
Targeted Messaging: Intercom allows businesses to segment their customer base and send targeted messages based on specific behaviors, preferences, or demographics.
In-App Messages: Intercom enables businesses to send in-app messages to customers while they are actively using their product or service.
Email Messages: Intercom provides tools to create and send personalized email campaigns to customers.
Automation: Intercom's automation features allow businesses to set up workflows that trigger specific messages or actions based on customer behavior.


Personalized customer engagement
Targeted messaging capabilities
Automation features for efficient workflows
Integration with various platforms and tools


Steep learning curve for some users
Pricing plans can be expensive for small businesses
Limited customization options for some features

Use Cases of Intercom

Customer onboarding and activation
Retention and churn reduction
Upselling and cross-selling
Customer support and feedback collection

How to Use Intercom

Step 1: Sign up for an Intercom account and set up your workspace.
Step 2: Integrate Intercom with your product or service using the provided APIs or SDKs.
Step 3: Define your customer segments and create targeted messaging campaigns.
Step 4: Set up automation workflows to trigger specific messages or actions based on customer behavior.
Step 5: Track and analyze the performance of your messaging campaigns using Intercom's analytics tools.

Intercom FAQs

Intercom supports in-app messages, email messages, and in-product messages.

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