BIK is a conversational marketing platform that helps e-commerce businesses drive revenue through targeted marketing.
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What is BIK

BIK is a comprehensive marketing solution that integrates with various channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, SMS, and Facebook. It offers advanced chatbot and journey features, a customer service suite, and gamification tools to enhance customer interaction and engagement. The platform is designed to help businesses boost their marketing campaigns and automate interactions seamlessly.

Key Features of BIK

BIK offers a range of features to streamline marketing efforts and improve customer engagement.
Unified Helpdesk: Consolidates inbox, messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, and email into one efficient platform.
Advanced Chatbot & Journeys: Enhances customer interaction on WhatsApp and Instagram.
Instagram AI: Features Comment to DM and End-to-End purchase capabilities.
Gamification Tools: Includes Spin the Wheel, Back in Stock, and Price Drop notifiers to keep customers engaged.


Seamless integration with multiple channels
Advanced chatbot and journey features
Gamification tools for customer engagement
Responsive support team


May require additional setup for automation conditions

Use Cases of BIK

E-commerce businesses
Digital marketing agencies
Retail and e-commerce companies

How to Use BIK

Sign up for a BIK account
Install the BIK app on your Shopify store
Configure the app to integrate with your desired channels
Set up automation conditions and chatbot journeys
Monitor and analyze performance using BIK's analytics


BIK integrates with WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, SMS, Facebook, and Messenger.

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  6. Others: 43.22%

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