Quizgecko is an AI-powered platform that generates quizzes, flashcards, and notes from any text, URL, or uploaded file.
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What is Quizgecko

Quizgecko is a cutting-edge tool designed to simplify the process of creating quizzes and tests. By leveraging its advanced AI technology, Quizgecko automatically generates questions and answers from existing content. This versatile tool enables users to effortlessly generate quizzes from various sources, including text, URLs, or uploaded files. Quizgecko is suitable for educators, students, trainers, and developers who need to create quizzes for educational purposes, training programs, or marketing campaigns.

Key Features of Quizgecko

Quizgecko offers a wide range of features to create and manage quizzes efficiently.
AI-Generated Questions: Quizgecko's AI technology generates questions from any text, URL, or uploaded file.
Multiple Question Types: Quizgecko supports multiple question types, including multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank.
Language Selection: Quizgecko allows users to create quizzes in any language and even seamlessly translates from one language to another.
API Access: Quizgecko provides API access for integrating its features into other applications.
Auto-Grading: Quizgecko's AI-powered marking system grades short answer questions and offers feedback and learning tips.
Export and Embed: Quizgecko allows users to export quizzes in various formats and embed them into websites or learning management systems.


Wide range of features
Suitable for various use cases
Easy to use


Character limit
Quota on quiz generations
Limited number of questions
Complexity for simple quizzes
Need to upgrade for longer texts

Use Cases of Quizgecko

Educational quizzes
Training programs
Marketing campaigns
Employee assessments

How to Use Quizgecko

Step 1: Enter the text, URL, or upload the file.
Step 2: Select the question types and set the difficulty level.
Step 3: Generate the quiz.
Step 4: Customize and edit the quiz as needed.
Step 5: Share the quiz with others or embed it into a website or LMS.

Quizgecko FAQs

Quizgecko uses AI technology to generate questions from any text, URL, or uploaded file.

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