Moshi AI is a real-time multimodal AI model developed by Kyutai Labs that can listen, speak, and respond with emotional expressions.
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Moshi AI

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What is Moshi AI

Moshi AI, developed by the French non-profit AI research lab Kyutai, is an innovative real-time multimodal AI model designed to enhance human-computer interaction. Moshi AI can listen, speak, and respond in real-time, making it a versatile tool for various applications. It is capable of understanding and expressing emotions, and it supports multiple speaking styles and accents. This AI model is accessible for free and aims to provide an open-source solution for advanced AI interactions.

Key Features of Moshi AI

Moshi AI offers a range of features including real-time voice interaction, emotional expression, and multimodal capabilities.
Real-Time Voice Interaction: Moshi AI can listen and respond in real-time, providing a seamless conversational experience.
Emotional Expression: The AI can modulate its voice to express various emotions and speaking styles, making interactions more natural and engaging.
Multimodal Capabilities: Moshi AI supports both audio and visual inputs, enhancing its ability to understand and respond to complex queries.
Open-Source Availability: Kyutai Labs plans to open-source Moshi AI, allowing users to download and run the model locally, ensuring privacy and customization.


Real-time interaction with low latency
Supports multiple emotions and speaking styles
Open-source and free to use
Can be run locally for enhanced privacy


Limited to 5-minute conversations
Occasional latency issues under heavy server load
Voice-only interaction, no text input

Use Cases of Moshi AI

Customer service chatbots
Interactive voice assistants
Role-playing and simulation training
Real-time transcription and translation services

How to Use Moshi AI

Visit the Moshi AI website at
Enter your email address to join the queue and gain access.
Ensure your device has a microphone and speakers for voice interaction.
Start a conversation with Moshi AI by speaking into your microphone.
Use the interface to monitor audio levels and conversation duration.
End the conversation by clicking the disconnect button when finished.

Moshi AI FAQs

Moshi AI is a real-time multimodal AI model that can listen, speak, and respond with emotional expressions.

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