Hume AI is a pioneering AI platform that combines emotion science and technology to build empathic tools that deeply understand human needs and emotional well-being.
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What is Hume AI

Hume AI is a research lab and technology company dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence is built to serve human goals and emotional well-being. By harnessing the power of emotional intelligence, Hume AI creates tools that measure and optimize for human emotional well-being. Their innovative approach includes the Empathic Voice Interface (EVI) API, which interprets emotional expressions and generates empathic responses, and a range of other applications that integrate emotional intelligence into various fields.

Key Features of Hume AI

Hume AI offers a suite of features that enable empathic AI interactions, including the Empathic Voice Interface (EVI) API, facial and vocal expression interpretation, and custom model solutions for predicting well-being.
Empathic Voice Interface (EVI) API: A conversational AI interface that interprets emotional expressions and generates empathic responses, powered by a proprietary empathic large language model (eLLM).
Facial and Vocal Expression Interpretation: Instantly captures nuance in expressions in audio, video, and images, including laughter, sighs, and nostalgic glances.
Custom Model Solutions: Allows for building customizable insights into applications with low-code custom model solutions, predicting outcomes more accurately than language alone.


Empathic AI that understands and responds to human emotions
Accurate interpretation of facial and vocal expressions
Customizable solutions for various applications


May require significant integration and development efforts
Potential limitations in understanding complex emotional contexts

Use Cases of Hume AI

AI assistants with humanlike conversations
Customer support agents with empathic responses
Therapists adept at comprehending a wide range of human emotions and thoughts

How to Use Hume AI

Visit the Hume AI website Access the Hume AI platform and explore its features.
Try the demo Interact with the Empathic Voice Interface (EVI) API demo to experience empathic AI responses.
Integrate Hume AI into your application Use the Hume AI API to build empathic AI capabilities into your own applications.

Hume AI FAQs

Hume AI is a research lab and technology company that builds empathic AI tools to serve human goals and emotional well-being.

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