Happy Scribe is a hybrid AI and human-made audiovisual language platform for subtitling, transcription, and audiovisual localization.
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What is Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of features for transcribing videos and events, creating subtitles, and localizing audiovisual content. It provides both automatic and human-made transcription services, ensuring high accuracy and flexibility. The platform is designed to streamline workflows, making it ideal for individuals and teams working on various projects.

Key Features of Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe offers a hybrid approach to transcription and subtitling, combining AI and human-made services for high accuracy and flexibility.
Transcription Editor: A user-friendly interface that simplifies the transcription process, making it accessible to everyone.
Subtitle Editor: Customize subtitles with ease, ensuring they align perfectly with your audiovisual content.
AI Assist: Generate summaries, chapters, blog posts, emails, or quizzes from your transcriptions with the AI Assist feature.
Quality Centre: Advanced settings like subtitle timing presets, transcription customizations, and more.
Subtitle Style Guide: Ensure consistency and professionalism in subtitle formatting with predefined style guides.
Glossaries: Save time and maintain consistency in jargon, brand names, and more with predefined glossaries.
Team Collaboration Features: Collaborate with your team members on projects, ensuring smooth workflows and efficient communication.
Content Sharing: Easily share your transcriptions and subtitles with colleagues or clients for review and feedback.
Audiovisual Localization Features: Automatically translate your transcriptions into more than 130 languages or choose human-made transcripts and subtitles for extra precision.
Integrations with Video Platforms: Seamless integration with popular video platforms for a hassle-free experience.
Happy Scribe API: Integrate our powerful transcription and subtitle services directly into your existing systems with the Happy Scribe API.


High accuracy in transcription and subtitling
Flexible pricing plans
User-friendly interface
Advanced features for customization
Seamless integration with video platforms
AI Assist for generating summaries and more


Slower turnaround time compared to some alternatives
Higher cost for human-made transcriptions
May require basic proofreading and editing

Use Cases of Happy Scribe

Transcribing videos and events
Creating subtitles for videos
Localizing audiovisual content
Generating summaries and blog posts
Collaborating with teams on projects

How to Use Happy Scribe

Sign up for a Happy Scribe account Create an account on the Happy Scribe website to access its features.
Upload your media file Upload the video or audio file you want to transcribe or create subtitles for.
Choose your transcription method Select either the automatic or human-made transcription service based on your needs.
Customize your subtitles Use the subtitle editor to customize your subtitles, ensuring they align perfectly with your audiovisual content.
Use the AI Assist feature Generate summaries, chapters, blog posts, emails, or quizzes from your transcriptions with the AI Assist feature.

Happy Scribe FAQs

Happy Scribe's automatic transcription service has an accuracy rate of 85%.

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