Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base software that helps create, manage, and share documentation efficiently.
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What is Document360

Document360 is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the documentation process. It offers a range of features that enable users to create, manage, and share knowledge bases, product documentation, manuals, SOPs, and wikis. The platform is trusted by global brands and provides advanced tools for content creators, customers, and developers. Document360 aims to improve the overall article publishing and consumption experience through its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

Key Features of Document360

Document360 offers a wide range of features to enhance documentation and knowledge management.
AI-Powered Tag Recommender: Suggests relevant tags for articles and category pages based on content analysis.
AI Writer: Provides tools to aid in writing, including making content longer or shorter, creating outlines, and changing tone.
SEO Description Generator: Automatically generates meta descriptions for articles and category pages to improve search engine optimization.
Content Analytics: Tracks user queries and feedback to monitor content performance.


Streamlines documentation process
Advanced AI-powered features
User-friendly interface
Customizable and scalable


Limited free credits for SEO description generator
Some features require add-ons or subscriptions

Use Cases of Document360

Creating product documentation
Developing knowledge bases for customers and teams
Managing SOPs and wikis
Enhancing content discoverability and self-service

How to Use Document360

Step 1: Sign up for a Document360 account.
Step 2: Create a new knowledge base or import existing content.
Step 3: Use the AI tag recommender to categorize and organize content.
Step 4: Utilize the AI writer to aid in writing and editing.
Step 5: Generate SEO descriptions for articles and category pages.

Document360 FAQs

The AI tag recommender suggests relevant tags for articles and category pages based on content analysis.

Analytics of Document360 Website

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Top Regions of Document360
  1. US: 17.77%

  2. IN: 10.97%

  3. KZ: 5.7%

  4. GB: 4.7%

  5. CA: 4.06%

  6. Others: 56.8%

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