D-ID is an AI-powered platform that removes identifiable information from images and videos to protect privacy and prevent facial recognition.
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What is D-ID

D-ID is a pioneering AI technology that specializes in removing identifiable information from images and videos, ensuring the privacy and security of individuals. Founded in 2018, D-ID aims to address the growing concern of facial recognition and data privacy. The platform utilizes advanced AI algorithms to detect and remove sensitive information, making it an essential tool for various industries and applications.

Key Features of D-ID

D-ID offers a range of features that enable users to protect privacy and prevent facial recognition in images and videos.
AI-Powered Detection: D-ID's AI algorithms detect and identify sensitive information in images and videos, ensuring accurate removal of identifiable features.
Real-Time Processing: D-ID's platform processes images and videos in real-time, making it ideal for applications that require rapid processing.
Customizable Solutions: D-ID offers customizable solutions tailored to specific industry needs, ensuring seamless integration and effective privacy protection.
Compliance with Regulations: D-ID's technology is designed to comply with various data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring users meet legal requirements.


Effective privacy protection
Real-time processing
Customizable solutions
Compliance with regulations


May not be suitable for all types of images or videos
Potential for false positives or negatives

Use Cases of D-ID

Law enforcement and surveillance
Healthcare and medical research
Financial services and banking
Social media and online platforms

How to Use D-ID

Step 1: Sign up for a D-ID account on the official website.
Step 2: Upload the image or video you want to process.
Step 3: Select the type of identifiable information you want to remove.
Step 4: Choose the desired level of anonymization.
Step 5: Review and download the processed image or video.


D-ID removes identifiable information such as faces, license plates, and other sensitive features.

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