is an AI-powered platform that provides real-time transcription services for meetings, lectures, and other verbal communications.
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What is is a specialized artificial intelligence platform designed to transcribe spoken words into written text with remarkable accuracy. It caters to a variety of users, including professionals, students, and media professionals, offering real-time transcription, speaker identification, and collaborative tools. The platform integrates with video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, making it an essential tool for accessibility, note-taking, and enhancing digital workflows.

Key Features of offers a range of features that enhance the transcription experience, including real-time transcription, speaker identification, editable transcripts, and integrations with other tools.
Real-time Transcription: Otter provides live transcriptions, allowing users to see the text form as the words are being spoken.
Speaker Identification: The platform can distinguish between different speakers in a conversation and label their transcribed speech accordingly.
Editable Transcripts: Users have the ability to edit transcripts post-recording, which is handy for correcting any mistakes and refining the text.
Collaborative Tools: Shared access to transcripts promotes teamwork, allowing colleagues to highlight and comment on sections of text.
Integration with Video Conferencing Tools: Otter integrates with tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for direct transcription of meetings and calls.
Custom Vocabulary: Users can add custom words to Otter's vocabulary for better recognition of industry-specific terminology or jargon.
Summary Keywords: Otter extracts key terms from conversations, making it easy to get a quick overview of the topics discussed.


Highly accurate real-time transcription
Ability to identify and label different speakers
Collaborative tools for team productivity
Integration with popular video conferencing platforms
Customizable vocabulary for industry-specific terms


May require additional setup for organizational compliance
Free plan has limitations

Use Cases of

Meetings and webinars
Lectures and classes
Sales and marketing
Media and journalism
Accessibility and note-taking

How to Use

Sign up for an account Create an account on the website or through the mobile app.
Set up your meeting Schedule a meeting and invite participants. Ensure that is integrated with your video conferencing tool.
Start the transcription Begin the meeting and let transcribe the conversation in real-time.
Edit and share the transcript Review and edit the transcript as needed. Share it with team members or use it for further analysis. FAQs is an AI-powered platform that provides real-time transcription services for meetings, lectures, and other verbal communications.

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