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Neeva is an AI-powered search engine that provides personalized and relevant search results.
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What is Neeva

Neeva is a cutting-edge search engine that leverages artificial intelligence to deliver highly personalized and relevant search results. Founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, Neeva aims to revolutionize the search engine landscape by prioritizing user experience and privacy. By using AI to understand user behavior and preferences, Neeva provides a more accurate and efficient search experience.

Key Features of Neeva

Neeva offers a range of innovative features that enhance the search experience.
Personalized Results: Neeva uses AI to understand user behavior and preferences, providing highly personalized and relevant search results.
Ad-Free Experience: Neeva does not display ads, ensuring a clutter-free and distraction-free search experience.
Enhanced Privacy: Neeva prioritizes user privacy by not collecting personal data or tracking user behavior.
Customizable Interface: Users can customize the Neeva interface to suit their preferences, including layout and content.


Highly personalized search results
Ad-free experience
Enhanced privacy
Customizable interface


Limited availability of certain features
Dependence on AI algorithms may lead to biases

Use Cases of Neeva

Research and academic purposes
Professional and business use
Personal knowledge and information gathering

How to Use Neeva

Step 1: Access Neeva through its official website or mobile app.
Step 2: Enter your search query in the search bar.
Step 3: Customize your search results by using filters and preferences.
Step 4: Explore and refine your search results using Neeva's AI-powered features.

Neeva FAQs

Yes, Neeva is free to use, with no ads or subscription fees.

Analytics of Neeva Website

Neeva Traffic & Rankings
Monthly Visits
Global Rank
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Traffic Trends: Apr 2024-Jun 2024
Neeva User Insights
Avg. Visit Duration
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User Bounce Rate
Top Regions of Neeva
  1. US: 36.94%

  2. CN: 8.36%

  3. DE: 8.16%

  4. CA: 7.81%

  5. GB: 6.83%

  6. Others: 31.9%

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