NaturalReader is an intuitive AI-powered text-to-speech app that converts documents, ebooks, webpages, and more into natural-sounding speech.
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What is NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a cutting-edge text-to-speech application that leverages artificial intelligence to convert written content into lifelike spoken words. It supports a wide range of formats, including PDFs, websites, and books, making it an ideal tool for individuals and businesses alike. The app offers advanced features such as customizable listening experiences, extensive voice options, and compatibility with various platforms.

Key Features of NaturalReader

NaturalReader offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance the text-to-speech experience.
AI Powered Smart Reader: Uses powerful AI technology to automatically skip unwanted text like page headers and footers, citations, image captions, and URLs.
Customizable Listening Experience: Allows users to select their preferred voice and listening speed for a personalized experience.
Voices + Languages: Offers over 150 voices across 20+ languages, including premium and plus voice tiers.
Advanced Compatibility: Compatible with various platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, PDFs, and Kindle Books.
Continue Listening: Seamlessly saves listening progress to mobile devices for continued listening on the go.
Download to MP3: Allows users to download audio files in MP3 format for offline listening.
User-Friendly Features: Includes features like one-click reading, highlight word functionality, immersive reading, and light and dark mode compatibility.


Natural-sounding voices
Customizable listening experience
Advanced compatibility
User-friendly features


Free version limitations
Occasional issues with playing audio

Use Cases of NaturalReader

Busy professionals
Avid readers
Individuals with learning disabilities
Businesses for eLearning, YouTube, and audiobooks

How to Use NaturalReader

Step 1: Install the NaturalReader Chrome extension or download the mobile app. Get started by installing the NaturalReader Chrome extension or downloading the mobile app from the app store.
Step 2: Select your preferred voice and listening speed. Choose your preferred voice and listening speed to customize your experience.
Step 3: Upload or paste your text content. Upload or paste your text content into NaturalReader to convert it into speech.
Step 4: Click play to start listening. Click the play button to start listening to your text content in natural-sounding speech.

NaturalReader FAQs

NaturalReader is an AI-powered text-to-speech app that converts written content into lifelike spoken words.

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