MagicSlides is an AI-powered Google Slides extension that auto-generates and formats presentations from various sources.
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What is MagicSlides

MagicSlides is an innovative AI-powered presentation-making tool designed to simplify the process of creating engaging presentations. It integrates seamlessly with Google Slides, allowing users to generate professional-looking slideshows from topics, YouTube videos, PDFs, and web page URLs. With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities, MagicSlides can transform ideas into stunning presentations in just a few seconds.

Key Features of MagicSlides

MagicSlides offers a range of features to streamline presentation creation, including AI-generated charts, slide formatting tools, and support for multiple languages.
AI-Generated Charts: Create beautiful charts from a single prompt in seconds.
Slide Formatting Tools: Remix layouts and insert new slides into a deck.
Multi-Language Support: Supports over 100 languages for global compatibility.
YouTube, PDF, and URL Conversion: Convert YouTube videos, PDFs, and web pages into Google Slides presentations.


Saves time
Easy to use
Professional-looking slideshows
Supports multiple languages


Content may lack detail
Graphics may not align with subject matter
Layouts can be lackluster

Use Cases of MagicSlides


How to Use MagicSlides

Install the MagicSlides extension in Google Slides.
Enter the topic or reference text for your presentation.
Specify the number of slides and any additional preferences.
Click 'Generate' to create your presentation.
Review and customize your presentation as needed.

MagicSlides FAQs

MagicSlides is an AI-powered Google Slides extension that auto-generates and formats presentations from various sources.

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