KREA is a real-time AI image and video generator that transforms written descriptions into stunning visuals.
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What is KREA

KREA is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool that allows users to generate and enhance images and videos based on text prompts. It offers a unique real-time canvas editor where users can insert shapes and doodles to refine their output. KREA is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create high-quality visuals.

Key Features of KREA

KREA offers a comprehensive set of features for generating and enhancing images and videos.
Real-time Image Generation: Generate images in real-time based on text prompts.
Real-time Canvas Editor: Insert shapes and doodles to refine the output.
Image Enhancement and Upscaling: Enhance and upscale images up to 8x the original size.
Video Generation: Generate videos based on text prompts or uploaded images.
AI Training: Train AI models with custom datasets.
Mini Apps: Access mini apps like Logo Illusions and AI Patterns.


Generates images in real-time
Offers real-time editing and refinement
Enhances and upscales images
Generates videos
Free plan available
Active community on Discord


Steep learning curve
Limited features in the free plan

Use Cases of KREA

Design and Art: Use KREA to generate high-quality visuals for design and art projects.
Marketing and Advertising: Create stunning visuals for marketing and advertising campaigns.
Education and Training: Use KREA to generate interactive and engaging educational content.

How to Use KREA

Step 1: Register on the website Open on your browser and click on Sign Up. You can register using your email or Google account.
Step 2: Choose Your Tool Select the tool you want to use, such as the real-time canvas editor or video generator.
Step 3: Input Your Prompt Enter your text prompt, shapes, and doodles to generate your image or video.
Step 4: Refine Your Output Use the real-time canvas editor to refine your output and make any necessary changes.
Step 5: Download Your Output Download your generated image or video.


KREA is a real-time AI image and video generator that transforms written descriptions into stunning visuals.

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