Dreamwave is an AI-powered platform that generates professional headshots and custom photos in minutes without requiring a camera.
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What is Dreamwave

Dreamwave is a cutting-edge AI technology that enables users to create high-quality, professional headshots and custom photos in a matter of minutes. This innovative platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to generate accurate and realistic images, eliminating the need for traditional photo shoots. With Dreamwave, users can upload a few photos of themselves and receive a wide range of custom headshots and images tailored to their preferences.

Key Features of Dreamwave

Dreamwave offers a comprehensive set of features that enable users to generate high-quality, custom photos and headshots.
AI Headshot Generation: Generate professional headshots in minutes with advanced AI algorithms.
Custom Photo Creation: Create custom photos with specific scenes, outfits, hairstyles, and more.
Realistic Facial Expressions: AI-generated photos with natural and realistic facial expressions.
Secure Data Handling: Dreamwave ensures secure and private data handling, with the option to delete data and AI models at any time.


High-quality images


Limited control over AI-generated results
Dependence on AI algorithms

Use Cases of Dreamwave

Professional Headshots: Generate high-quality headshots for LinkedIn profiles, work badges, and other professional uses.
Social Media Content: Create custom photos for social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.
Marketing Materials: Use Dreamwave to generate images for marketing campaigns, product promotions, and more.
Personal Branding: Establish a consistent and professional personal brand with custom photos and headshots.

How to Use Dreamwave

Upload 5+ photos of yourself to create your AI photo generator.
Describe the desired scene, outfit, hairstyle, and other details for the AI model.
Wait for the AI model to generate your custom photos and headshots.
Select and edit your favorite images using Dreamwave's AI photo editor.

Dreamwave FAQs

Dreamwave's AI technology is developed by experts from MIT, Google Brain, and Meta AI, ensuring high-quality and realistic images.

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