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CSM AI - 3D World Models is an AI-powered platform that converts 2D images and videos into 3D models and worlds, revolutionizing content creation for various industries.
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CSM AI - 3D World Models

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What is CSM AI - 3D World Models

CSM AI - 3D World Models is a cutting-edge technology developed by Common Sense Machines that enables the rapid creation of 3D models and worlds from single images or videos. This platform leverages advanced AI techniques such as neural inverse graphics, diffusion models, transformers, and neural radiance fields to generate high-quality 3D assets. It is designed to simplify the content creation process for various industries, including gaming, movies, animation, product prototyping, manufacturing, architecture, and more.

Key Features of CSM AI - 3D World Models

CSM AI - 3D World Models offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for content creators.
Image-to-3D Conversion: Converts 2D images into 3D models with high accuracy and detail.
Text-to-3D Conversion: Generates 3D models from text descriptions, allowing for precise control over the output.
Style-Consistent Assets: Creates 3D assets and characters that match specific styles, ensuring consistency across projects.
Animation and Rigging: Automates the rigging and animation process, saving time and effort for 3D designers.
High-Resolution 3D Generation: Produces high-resolution 3D assets in minutes, with customizable settings for pixel alignment, model resolution, and mesh topology.
Controllable 3D World Generation: Enables the creation of dynamic, editable 3D environments with high flexibility and controllability.


Rapid content creation
High-quality 3D assets
Easy to use, no specialized knowledge required
Customizable outputs
Applicable to various industries


Free server may be overloaded at times
Limited low-resolution meshes on the free plan

Use Cases of CSM AI - 3D World Models

Movies and animation
Product prototyping and manufacturing
Architecture and real estate
E-commerce and advertising

How to Use CSM AI - 3D World Models

Step 1: Upload an image or video to the CSM AI - 3D World Models platform.
Step 2: Select the desired output format and customize settings as needed.
Step 3: Wait for the AI to generate the 3D model.
Step 4: Download the generated 3D model in the chosen format.

CSM AI - 3D World Models FAQs

You can upload images and videos to the platform.

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