Consensus is an AI-powered search engine designed to provide accurate and relevant search results by leveraging human judgment and AI capabilities.
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What is Consensus

Consensus is a cutting-edge AI search engine that combines the strengths of human judgment and AI capabilities to deliver highly accurate and relevant search results. By harnessing the collective wisdom of a diverse group of people, Consensus aims to improve the search experience and provide users with more reliable and trustworthy information.

Key Features of Consensus

Consensus offers a range of features that enhance the search experience, including human judgment-based ranking, AI-powered filtering, and user contribution capabilities.
Human Judgment-Based Ranking: Consensus aggregates the judgments of a diverse group of people to rank search results, ensuring that the most relevant and trustworthy information is presented to users.
AI-Powered Filtering: The platform uses AI algorithms to filter out irrelevant or low-quality search results, further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the search experience.
User Contribution Capabilities: Consensus allows users to contribute their own judgments, enabling the platform to continually improve and refine its search results.


Improved accuracy and reliability of search results
Enhanced user experience through human judgment-based ranking
User contribution capabilities for continuous improvement


Dependence on human judgment may lead to biases
Potential for AI algorithms to misinterpret human input

Use Cases of Consensus

Research and Academia: Consensus can be used by researchers and academics to find high-quality sources and reliable information for their studies and projects.
Professional Decision-Making: The platform can be utilized by professionals to gather trustworthy information for informed decision-making.
Personal Knowledge Enhancement: Consensus can be used by individuals seeking to expand their knowledge on various topics and access reliable information.

How to Use Consensus

Step 1: Visit the Consensus website and create an account.
Step 2: Conduct a search using the Consensus search engine.
Step 3: Review and contribute to the search results by providing your judgments on relevance and accuracy.
Step 4: Utilize the search results for your research, decision-making, or personal knowledge enhancement.

Consensus FAQs

Consensus ensures the accuracy of its search results by aggregating the judgments of a diverse group of people and combining them with AI algorithms.

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  6. Others: 67.79%

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