Cleanvoice AI is an AI-powered audio editing tool designed to enhance podcast and audio recordings by removing unwanted sounds and improving overall quality.
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Cleanvoice AI

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What is Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice AI is a cutting-edge audio editing software that leverages artificial intelligence to refine and polish audio recordings. It is specifically designed for podcasters and audio content creators, offering a range of features to remove filler sounds, background noise, and other unwanted elements from audio files. This tool aims to save hours of manual editing time, ensuring that the final product sounds professional and engaging.

Key Features of Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice AI offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance audio quality, including filler sound removal, background noise reduction, and more.
Filler Words Remover: Automatically detects and removes filler words like 'um', 'ah', and similar interjections from audio recordings.
Background Noise Remover: Effectively eliminates background noise from audio files, ensuring a cleaner and more focused listening experience.
Mouth Sound Remover: Removes unwanted mouth sounds like lip-smacking, breathing, and other distracting noises from audio recordings.
Silence Remover: Identifies and shortens excessively long pauses in audio files, maintaining listener engagement.
Podcast Transcription: Provides accurate transcriptions of audio recordings, making it easier to review and edit content.
Podcast Mixing: Offers professional-grade mixing services to ensure balanced and polished audio output.


Saves hours of manual editing time
Accurate removal of unwanted sounds
User-friendly interface
Supports multilingual audio files


May not be suitable for complex audio editing tasks
Limited free trial duration

Use Cases of Cleanvoice AI

Podcast editing
Audio content creation
Voiceover work
Audio post-production

How to Use Cleanvoice AI

Sign up for a Cleanvoice AI account
Upload your audio file to the platform
Select the desired editing features and settings
Submit the file for processing
Download the edited audio file

Cleanvoice AI FAQs

Cleanvoice AI can process various audio formats, including single-track and multi-track recordings.

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