ChatDOC is a professional-grade AI chat tool for efficiently interacting with PDF documents, providing accurate summaries, analysis, and information retrieval.
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What is ChatDOC

ChatDOC is an advanced AI-powered document assistant designed for professionals and researchers. It allows users to upload PDF documents and engage in natural language conversations to extract specific information, summarize content, and analyze data. With its cutting-edge AI technology, ChatDOC supports a wide range of file formats and provides accurate responses backed by citations. The tool is particularly useful for handling complex documents, including research papers, annual reports, and legal documents.

Key Features of ChatDOC

ChatDOC offers a comprehensive set of features for efficient document interaction, including instant summaries, multi-file conversations, and accurate responses backed by citations.
Mastery over Tables: ChatDOC can accurately analyze and summarize data from tables, providing detailed insights and information.
Multi-File Conversational Capability: Users can interact with multiple files simultaneously, allowing for efficient comparison and analysis of different documents.
Citation-Backed Responses: All responses provided by ChatDOC are supported by direct quotes from the source documents, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Broad Format Support: ChatDOC supports a wide range of file formats, including docx, scanned files, ePub, html, markdown, and txt.
Handle Larger Documents: ChatDOC can efficiently handle documents of any size, from a single page to a 3000-page report.
Image Analysis: ChatDOC supports image analysis with GPT-4, enabling users to extract information from images within documents.
Custom Models: Users can switch to custom models for enhanced responses tailored to their specific needs.


Accurate and reliable responses
Efficient document analysis and summarization
Supports a wide range of file formats
Handles large documents efficiently
Customizable models for enhanced responses


May require some technical expertise for advanced features
Limited free plan features

Use Cases of ChatDOC

Research and academic studies
Business and financial analysis
Legal document review and research
Product development and requirements documentation

How to Use ChatDOC

Step 1: Document Upload Visit and sign in. You have the option to upload either a single file or an entire folder.
Step 2: Summarize a Document By clicking the icon in the top right corner, you can quickly obtain a summary of the document, allowing you to understand the main information swiftly.
Step 3: Chat with Documents Ask questions in the dialogue box on the right, and you will receive AI-generated answers. These answers are all backed by evidence found within the original document.
Step 4: Ask Targeted Questions Sometimes, answers to questions about the entire document may be somewhat general. ChatDOC also supports asking targeted questions about specific parts of the content.


ChatDOC supports a wide range of file formats, including docx, scanned files, ePub, html, markdown, and txt.

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