is a browser-based no-code productivity platform that automates repetitive tasks with a single shortcut and controls web apps.
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What is is a workflow automation tool that uses AI to build and suggest automation templates to users. It operates as a browser extension, scanning open tabs to build context-aware automations. With a single click, Bardeen extracts information for use in email drafts, Slack messages, Jira notifications, and more, eliminating the need for context switching or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sprawl. Founded by Pascal Weinberger and Artem Harutyunyan in 2020, Bardeen aims to democratize automation, making it accessible to everyone.

Key Features of combines AI-powered automation with a no-code builder, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks with a single shortcut.
AI-Powered Automation: uses AI to build and suggest automation templates to users, making it easier to automate repetitive tasks.
No-Code Builder: The platform offers a no-code builder that allows users to create custom automations using drag-and-drop building blocks.
Context-Aware Automation: scans open tabs in the browser to build context-aware automations, eliminating the need for context switching.
Scraper Tool: The scraper tool allows users to extract data from any website directly into web apps or spreadsheets.


Easy to use with a no-code builder
AI-powered automation for efficient workflows
Context-aware automation reduces context switching
Supports a wide range of integrations


AI feature is still in beta and requires an invitation
Limited information available on pricing plans

Use Cases of

Marketing: Streamline lead generation and data extraction
Sales: Build prospect lists and supercharge CRM
Product Development: Create, manage, and find tasks faster
Data Research: Extract data from any website directly into spreadsheets and apps
Freelance and Creative Professionals: Automate repetitive tasks to focus on creative work

How to Use

Install the browser extension
Create a new automation using the no-code builder
Use the scraper tool to extract data from websites
Trigger automations with a single shortcut FAQs is a browser-based no-code productivity platform that automates repetitive tasks with a single shortcut and controls web apps.

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