10Web is an AI-enhanced platform for building, hosting, optimizing, and securing websites.
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What is 10Web

10Web is a specialized solution for small and medium businesses, eCommerce sites, web agencies, and freelancers. This AI-enhanced platform provides a one-stop-shop for website management, offering powerful tools for hosting, building, optimizing, and securing websites. With 10Web, users can create professional websites quickly and efficiently, leveraging AI-generated content and images, and enjoying the flexibility and customizability of WordPress.

Key Features of 10Web

10Web offers a comprehensive set of features for seamless website creation and management.
Managed Hosting: Reliable website performance with 99.9% uptime and elastic scaling, ensuring your website is always available.
Real-time Backups: Set and schedule real-time backups for all your websites, guaranteeing data safety and minimizing downtime.
1-Click Migration: Effortlessly migrate any website to 10Web, avoiding technical issues and ensuring an optimized copy with a 90+ PageSpeed Score.
Security: Robust security features, including malware detection, DDoS protection, and brute force attack prevention, to safeguard your website.
User & Team Management: Collaborate with team members and clients from one workspace, with granular access control and easy management.
AI Tools: Utilize AI-powered tools for business success, including AI Business Name Generator, AI Marketing Strategy Generator, and AI Assistant for SEO optimization.
AI Website Builder: Create custom websites tailored to your business needs in just a few minutes, with AI-generated content and images.


Efficient website creation and management
AI-enhanced tools for business success
Robust security features
Easy collaboration and team management
Customizable and flexible


May require some technical knowledge for advanced features
Dependent on AI capabilities for content generation

Use Cases of 10Web

Small and medium businesses
Ecommerce sites
Web agencies
Personal websites and portfolios

How to Use 10Web

Step 1: Sign up for a 10Web account and choose your plan.
Step 2: Answer a few questions about your business and preferences to generate AI content and images.
Step 3: Customize your website using the drag-and-drop editor and AI-powered tools.
Step 4: Launch and publish your website, with automated hosting and optimization.

10Web FAQs

10Web is an AI-enhanced platform for building, hosting, optimizing, and securing websites.

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