Vizcom is an AI-powered creative tool for designers and artists to transform sketches into photorealistic renderings.
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What is Vizcom

Vizcom is a revolutionary platform designed for design and creative professionals. It offers a transformative approach to concept drawing, enabling users to bring their design ideas to life in seconds. With Vizcom, users can upload sketches, use prompts, and generate renderings with a high level of control over the creative process. The platform provides a comfortable feature set that sits between familiarity and ingenuity, making it easy for designers to collaborate and create together.

Key Features of Vizcom

Vizcom offers a comprehensive set of features to support the design process.
Sketch Rendering: Transform sketches into photorealistic renderings with AI technology.
Collaborative Workspaces: Work with teams and share access to files and folders inside a workspace.
Familiar Drawing Tools: Use brushes, shapes, and other familiar tools to control the creative process.
3D Model Import: Supercharge your workflow with your own 3D assets or use Vizcom's model library.
Texture Control: Control the texture and style of your rendering by uploading your own reference image.
Layers: Build robust files and organize your designs with layer support.


Accelerates design workflow
High-quality photorealistic renderings
Collaborative environment
Familiar drawing tools


May require some learning curve for new users
Dependent on AI technology

Use Cases of Vizcom

Product Design: Transform ideas into photorealistic renderings for product design.
Industrial Design: Create detailed designs for industrial products, such as cars and furniture.
Architecture: Visualize architectural designs with photorealistic renderings.

How to Use Vizcom

Step 1: Create a new file and upload your sketch.
Step 2: Use prompts to describe the desired rendering.
Step 3: Generate renderings and iterate on your design.
Step 4: Use familiar drawing tools to control the creative process.

Vizcom FAQs

Vizcom is an AI-powered creative tool for designers and artists to transform sketches into photorealistic renderings.

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