Socratic is an AI-powered learning platform that provides visual explanations, math solvers, and videos to help students learn better.
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What is Socratic

Socratic is a comprehensive educational tool designed to support students in various subjects, including Math, Science, History, English, and more. It offers a range of features that facilitate learning, such as visual explanations, math solvers, and videos. The platform is powered by Google AI, which enables it to surface the most relevant learning resources for users.

Key Features of Socratic

Socratic offers a range of features that support learning, including visual explanations, math solvers, videos, and AI-powered tools for teachers.
Visual Explanations: Socratic provides visual explanations of important concepts in each subject.
Math Solvers: The platform offers math solvers to help students with mathematical problems.
Videos: Socratic includes videos that provide additional learning resources for students.
AI-powered Tools for Teachers: Teachers can use Socratic to create and monitor small group and whole class discussions and activities, and to adjust assignments and student instruction.


User-friendly interface
Comprehensive learning resources
AI-powered tools for teachers


Limited customization options
Dependence on internet connection

Use Cases of Socratic

Math Homework Help: Students can use Socratic to get help with math homework by taking a photo of the question and receiving explanations and solutions.
Science Project Research: Socratic can be used to find relevant resources and explanations for science projects, making research easier and more efficient.
English Literature Analysis: The platform provides resources and explanations for English literature, helping students analyze and understand complex texts.

How to Use Socratic

Step 1: Download the Socratic app or access it through the website.
Step 2: Take a photo of your homework question or enter it manually.
Step 3: Socratic will provide relevant explanations, math solvers, and videos to help you learn.
Step 4: Use the resources provided to complete your assignment or project.

Socratic FAQs

Socratic supports a range of subjects, including Math, Science, History, English, and more.

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