Rewind is a personalized AI that captures and transcribes everything you see, say, or hear, allowing you to search and ask questions about your past interactions.
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What is Rewind

Rewind is a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and memory. It captures and transcribes all your interactions, including meetings, conversations, and screen activities, allowing you to easily search and ask questions about your past. With a strong focus on privacy, Rewind stores all data locally on your device and only sends relevant text-based data to the cloud when using features like meeting summarization or Ask Rewind.

Key Features of Rewind

Rewind offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and memory.
Automated Recording and Transcription: Rewind automatically records and transcribes all your interactions, including meetings and conversations.
Search and Ask: Rewind allows you to search and ask questions about your past interactions, providing relevant results and summaries.
Meeting Summarization: Rewind can generate automatic summaries of your meetings, making it easier to review and recall important information.
Local Data Storage: All recording data is stored locally on your device, ensuring complete privacy and control.


Enhances productivity and memory
Provides easy access to past interactions
Strong focus on privacy and security


May require some time to adapt to
Battery consumption can be high

Use Cases of Rewind

Meeting Recap: Use Rewind to automatically record and transcribe meetings, then generate summaries and ask questions about important points.
Research and Study: Rewind can help students and researchers quickly locate and review relevant information from past readings and interactions.
Personal Knowledge Management: Rewind provides a convenient way to manage and review personal knowledge and experiences, enhancing memory and productivity.

How to Use Rewind

Download and install Rewind on your device.
Configure your audio settings to allow Rewind to capture your interactions.
Use the Rewind icon in the menu bar to access your recordings and ask questions.
Explore the various features of Rewind, including meeting summarization and search functionality.

Rewind FAQs

Rewind stores all recording data locally on your device and only sends relevant text-based data to the cloud when using features like meeting summarization or Ask Rewind.

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