Praktika is an innovative AI-powered language learning app that uses generative AI avatars to provide personalized English tutoring through interactive conversations and exercises.
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What is Praktika

Praktika is a cutting-edge language learning platform that leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way people learn English. By combining advanced natural language processing with lifelike AI avatars, Praktika creates an immersive and personalized learning experience. The app offers users the opportunity to engage in natural conversations with AI tutors, practice real-life scenarios, and receive instant feedback on their language skills. Designed to cater to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers, Praktika aims to make English language acquisition more accessible, engaging, and effective than traditional methods.

Key Features of Praktika

Praktika offers AI-powered conversational practice, personalized lesson plans, instant feedback, diverse learning scenarios, and progress tracking.
AI Avatars for Conversation: Engage with lifelike AI tutors in natural, flowing conversations to improve speaking and listening skills.
Personalized Learning Path: Receive tailored lesson plans and exercises based on your proficiency level and learning goals.
Real-time Feedback: Get instant corrections and suggestions on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary usage during conversations.
Diverse Scenarios: Practice English in various real-life situations, from casual chats to professional settings.
Progress Tracking: Monitor your improvement over time with detailed analytics and performance insights.


24/7 availability for practice at any time
Personalized learning experience tailored to individual needs
No judgment or pressure when making mistakes
Diverse range of conversation topics and scenarios
Cost-effective compared to traditional tutoring


Requires internet connection for full functionality
May lack the nuanced understanding of a human tutor in complex situations
Limited to English language learning at present
Effectiveness may vary depending on learner's self-motivation

Use Cases of Praktika

Students preparing for English proficiency exams
Professionals looking to improve their business English skills
Travelers wanting to practice conversational English before trips
Non-native English speakers seeking to improve fluency and confidence
Language enthusiasts looking for a flexible and engaging way to maintain their English skills

How to Use Praktika

Download the Praktika app from your device's app store
Create an account or sign in
Complete the initial assessment to determine your English proficiency level
Set your learning goals and preferences
Choose a conversation topic or scenario to practice
Engage in conversation with the AI tutor, speaking naturally as you would with a human
Receive real-time feedback and corrections
Review your conversation summary and performance insights after each session
Track your progress over time and adjust your learning plan as needed
Consistently practice and explore different scenarios to improve your skills

Praktika FAQs

Praktika uses advanced natural language processing and generative AI to create lifelike conversational partners. The AI analyzes user inputs to provide contextually appropriate responses and feedback.

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