Offline Chat: Private AI

Offline Chat: Private AI is a secure, offline AI chatbot that runs entirely on your device without the internet, ensuring private conversations and document analysis.
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Offline Chat: Private AI

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What is Offline Chat: Private AI

Offline Chat: Private AI is a next-generation AI chatbot that operates entirely on your device, providing a secure and private platform for conversations and document analysis. It supports PDF and plain text files and offers three models: Tiny, Small, and Medium, which vary in performance and device requirements. The app is designed to be versatile and engaging, perfect for sparking creativity and assisting in various tasks such as writing.

Key Features of Offline Chat: Private AI

Offline Chat: Private AI offers a range of features that prioritize security and privacy while providing advanced AI capabilities.
Offline Conversations: Converse with the AI chatbot without an internet connection, ensuring complete privacy and security.
Document Analysis: Load private documents and ask questions about their content, supporting PDF and plain text files.
Multi-Platform Compatibility: Access Offline Chat: Private AI on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.
End-to-End Encryption: Communicate with confidence, knowing that your messages are protected from prying eyes.
Zero-Data Storage: Offline Chat: Private AI operates entirely offline, ensuring that your messages are never stored or accessed by third parties.
AI-Powered Security: Advanced AI algorithms detect and prevent security threats in real-time.
Self-Destructing Messages: Set messages to automatically delete after they’ve been read, ensuring that your conversations stay private and secure.


Secure and private conversations
Offline document analysis
Multi-platform compatibility
End-to-end encryption
Zero-data storage
AI-powered security
Self-destructing messages


May not match the prowess of top-tier online models due to memory and processing constraints

Use Cases of Offline Chat: Private AI

Research using sensitive material
Writing and creativity
Business communication
Personal conversations

How to Use Offline Chat: Private AI

Download and install Offline Chat: Private AI from the App Store. Get the app from the official store.
Launch the app and select the model that suits your device. Choose from Tiny, Small, or Medium models based on your device's capabilities.
Load your private documents and ask questions about their content. Use the app to analyze PDF and plain text files.
Start conversing with the AI chatbot. Ask questions, discuss topics, and explore the capabilities of Offline Chat: Private AI.

Offline Chat: Private AI FAQs

Offline Chat: Private AI supports PDF and plain text files.

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