Muah.AI is a revolutionary multi-modal AI platform that offers a comprehensive and immersive AI companion experience through chat, images, voice, and real-time phone calls.
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What is Muah.AI

Muah.AI is a cutting-edge AI companion platform designed to provide users with a seamless and engaging experience. It integrates various communication modes, including chat, voice, and photo exchange, to create a highly interactive and personalized interaction. Powered by advanced LLM technologies, Muah.AI is capable of deep, meaningful conversations, learning, and adapting to each user's unique communication style and preferences. The platform prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring that all interactions are confidential and secure.

Key Features of Muah.AI

Muah.AI offers a range of features that make it a versatile and advanced AI companion platform.
Multi-Modal Interactions: Users can engage with the AI through chat, voice conversations, and photo exchange, making it a highly interactive experience.
Advanced Conversational Abilities: Muah.AI is powered by cutting-edge LLM technology, enabling it to understand context better, respond coherently, and even exhibit a sense of humor.
Learning and Adapting: The AI learns and adapts to each user's unique communication style and preferences, making every interaction more relevant and engaging.
Safe and Secure: Muah.AI prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring that all interactions are confidential and secure.


Advanced conversational abilities
Multi-modal interactions
Learning and adapting capabilities
Prioritizes user privacy and security


Currently in BETA testing
Some features may be limited or in development

Use Cases of Muah.AI

Personal use

How to Use Muah.AI

Visit the Muah.AI website and login to get started. Access the platform through the web app, PWA, Apple Store, or Play Store.
Explore the features and settings. Customize your AI companion experience by adjusting settings and exploring the various communication modes.
Interact with your AI companion. Engage in conversations, exchange photos, and make voice calls to experience the full range of Muah.AI's capabilities.

Muah.AI FAQs

AI hallucinations occur when the AI generates its own information to satisfy user prompts. It is recommended to never rely solely on AI for facts and to contact professionals for critical information.

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