Groq is a groundbreaking AI technology provider specializing in high-performance AI chips and solutions for complex computing tasks.
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What is Groq

GroqAI is a pioneering company in the field of artificial intelligence, offering innovative AI chips and solutions designed to significantly enhance the performance of machine learning operations. Their Tensor Streaming Processors (TSP), now rebranded as Language Processing Units (LPU), represent a substantial leap forward in processing power, enabling unparalleled computations speeds and providing the backbone for advanced AI applications.

Key Features of Groq

Groq's AI chips are designed for high-performance AI processing, offering significant improvements in latency and throughput compared to traditional hardware solutions.
Tensor Streaming Processors (TSP): Groq's TSP, now rebranded as LPU, is engineered specifically for AI operations, streamlining data processing to enable faster and more efficient machine learning workflows.
Non-Von Neumann Architecture: The Groq TSP features a unique non-Von Neumann architecture that separates memory from processing elements, allowing for faster streamlining of data without typical bottlenecks found in traditional CPU or GPU designs.
Simplified Processing Architecture: Groq's architecture is designed to simplify the deployment and execution of machine learning, making it possible to extend the advantages of AI applications and insights to a broader audience.
Software-Defined Hardware: Groq's chip architecture provides a new processing paradigm in which the control of execution and data flows is moved from the hardware to the compiler, freeing up valuable silicon space for additional processing capabilities.


Significant improvements in latency and throughput
Ideal for deep learning inference processing
Simplifies the deployment and execution of machine learning
Provides a better developer experience with push-button performance


Currently does not support ML training with the LPU Inference Engine

Use Cases of Groq

Autonomous vehicles
Real-time language translation services
Large language models
Image classification
Anomaly detection
Predictive analysis

How to Use Groq

Obtain an API key through Playground on GroqCloud Access the GroqCloud platform to get started with Groq.
Access documentation and terms and conditions Review the necessary documentation and terms to understand how to use Groq effectively.
Join the Discord community Connect with other developers and the Groq team for support and resources.

Groq FAQs

Groq is the AI infrastructure company that builds the world’s fastest AI inference technology.

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