Captions is an AI-powered creative studio that simplifies the video creation process, offering advanced editing tools and features to elevate storytelling.
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What is Captions

Captions is a cutting-edge video creation platform that leverages AI technology to streamline the creative process. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help users create high-quality, studio-grade videos in a matter of minutes. With Captions, users can record, edit, and distribute their videos efficiently, ensuring professional results without extensive editing expertise.

Key Features of Captions

Captions offers a wide range of features to enhance video creation, including AI-powered editing tools, advanced sound design, and distribution capabilities.
AI Trim: Automatically trim filler words like uhms, uhhs, and pauses in speech.
AI Enhance Speech: Automatically remove background noise and enhance speech.
AI Eye Contact: Correct eye contact to look at the camera in post production.
AI Speech Correction: Correct any mistakes or in your recorded speech with one tap.
AI Lipdub: Change your lip movements in post production to edit the content of your speech.
AI Director: AI-assisted video direction for professional results.
AI Color Grading: Automatically adjust color settings for a polished look.
AI Background Removal: Easily remove backgrounds from videos.
AI Rotoscoping: Create detailed animations and effects.
AI Music: Add the right music and effects to any video.
AI Video Metadata: Generate relevant metadata for your video like title, description, and hashtags for your socials.
AI Dubbing: Dub your video into any language while maintaining your voice.
AI Extract Clips: Automatically extract interesting and viral-worthy short clips from any longer video provided.


Streamlined video creation process
Advanced AI-powered editing tools
Professional results without extensive editing expertise
Efficient distribution capabilities


Limited customization options for some features
May require some learning curve for advanced features

Use Cases of Captions

Content creators
Marketing professionals

How to Use Captions

Upload a video to the Captions app. Start by importing your video into the Captions platform.
Trim, split, and delete clips as needed. Use Captions’ editing tools to refine your video content.
Edit your video with Captions’ video editing tools. Take advantage of Captions’ AI-powered features to enhance your video.
Choose your export settings, like frames per second or bitrate, and click download. Finalize your video and export it in your desired format.

Captions FAQs

Captions supports almost all video file formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, FLV, GIF, MKV, Quicktime, and more.

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