Brilliant Labs is a company developing innovative, open-source, augmented reality (AR) tools, particularly the Frame smart glasses, which integrate AI capabilities for various applications.
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Brilliant Labs

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What is Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs is a pioneering company in the field of augmented reality (AR) technology. Their flagship product, Frame, is a pair of smart glasses that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance daily life. Frame is designed to be lightweight, intelligent, and versatile, allowing users to weave AI into their daily routines. The company's mission is to create tools that foster knowledge, creativity, and empathy, and they believe that the future of computing must be built collaboratively by all.

Key Features of Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs' Frame smart glasses offer a range of innovative features that integrate AI capabilities for enhanced productivity and navigation.
AI Superpowers: Frame provides users with AI superpowers, including visual analysis, translation, and live web search.
Open-Source: The Frame is open-source, allowing developers to hack, build, and modify the code to suit their needs.
Lightweight and Portable: The Frame is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it ideal for daily use.


Enhanced productivity
Improved navigation
Real-time access to information
Open-source and customizable


Limited battery life
Dependence on internet connectivity

Use Cases of Brilliant Labs

Generative AI on the Go: Use Frame to generate AI-powered content on the go, such as image augmentation and computer vision research.
Heads-Up Telemetry: Use Frame for heads-up telemetry, providing real-time data and analytics in various industries.
AR App and Game Design: Use Frame to design and develop AR apps and games, leveraging its AI capabilities and open-source code.

How to Use Brilliant Labs

Step 1: Visit the Brilliant Labs website to learn more about the Frame smart glasses.
Step 2: Preorder the Frame or purchase it once it is available.
Step 3: Download the necessary software and documentation from the Brilliant Labs GitHub repository.
Step 4: Start using the Frame and explore its various features and capabilities.

Brilliant Labs FAQs

The Frame has a battery life of approximately 6 hours of continuous use, with an estimated 18 hours of use with normal usage patterns.

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