Aragon is an AI-powered platform that helps decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) manage their governance and decision-making processes.
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What is Aragon

Aragon is a decentralized platform that leverages blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to facilitate the creation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It provides a suite of tools and services that enable DAOs to make decisions, manage their operations, and interact with their members in a transparent and secure manner. Aragon aims to empower decentralized governance and decision-making, enabling communities to self-organize and make collective decisions without the need for centralized authorities.

Key Features of Aragon

Aragon offers a range of features that enable decentralized governance and decision-making, including AI-powered decision support, voting systems, and community engagement tools.
AI-Powered Decision Support: Aragon's AI engine analyzes data and provides insights to support informed decision-making within DAOs.
Voting Systems: Aragon offers various voting systems, including token-weighted voting, to ensure fair and transparent decision-making processes.
Community Engagement Tools: Aragon provides tools for community engagement, such as discussion forums and proposal tracking, to facilitate collaboration and participation within DAOs.
Decentralized Governance: Aragon enables decentralized governance by allowing DAOs to create and manage their own governance structures and rules.


Decentralized and transparent decision-making
AI-powered insights for informed decisions
Customizable governance structures
Community engagement tools for collaboration


Steep learning curve for non-technical users
Dependence on blockchain technology and AI
Potential for biases in AI decision support

Use Cases of Aragon

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms
Community-driven projects
Cooperatives and member-owned organizations
Decentralized social networks

How to Use Aragon

Step 1: Create a new DAO on the Aragon platform
Step 2: Define the governance structure and rules for your DAO
Step 3: Invite members to join your DAO and participate in decision-making
Step 4: Use Aragon's AI-powered decision support tools to inform your decisions
Step 5: Utilize Aragon's community engagement tools to facilitate collaboration and participation within your DAO

Aragon FAQs

Aragon is a decentralized platform that enables the creation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

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