is an AI-powered video editor and screen recorder designed for creators and marketers to effortlessly produce professional, shareable video content.
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What is is a cutting-edge video creation platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help users turn long-form videos into engaging, short social media clips. With its advanced AI features, Vizard simplifies the video editing process, saving users time and effort while enhancing the overall quality of their content. The platform is designed for a wide range of users, including creators, marketers, podcasters, coaches, and business owners, offering a comprehensive solution for video content creation and repurposing.

Key Features of offers a range of features that make video creation and editing efficient and effective.
AI Clipping: Automatically identifies engaging parts of long-form videos and generates short clips with one click.
Speaker Detection and Auto Reframe: Ensures speakers stay center stage for the best viewing experience.
Template Feature: Allows users to choose from pre-designed templates or create their own for consistent branding.
Timeline Editing: Fine-tune text-based edits by timeline down to seconds-level with an intuitive timeline editor.
Caption Translation: Translate captions to over 100 languages and reach a global audience.
Change Ratio: Resize videos to fit different social platforms with one click.
Brand Template: Leverage templated designs by Vizard or save one of your own for consistent branding.
Link Share: Share videos as links and collaborate with teams effortlessly.


Saves considerable time and effort by automating the video editing process
Increases the potential for virality by creating content that aligns with the latest trends in short-form video
No editing skills required, making it accessible to everyone
Offers a variety of editing tools beyond AI clipping


Dependent on AI's understanding of engaging content, which might not always align with the creator's vision
May not completely eliminate the need for human oversight, especially for nuanced edits
Considerations around privacy and data handling when uploading content to a third-party service

Use Cases of

Clip long-form videos and 10x your viewership with zero effort
Turn one webinar into a month worth of social media content
Increase your output tenfold at a fraction of the cost
Build your personal brand by clipping webinar, client calls, and interviews

How to Use

Step 1: Upload your original video to
Step 2: Click on the 'AI clipping' feature and let work its magic.
Step 3: Publish your new clips by downloading, sharing as links, or posting directly from the platform. FAQs is an AI-powered video editor and screen recorder designed for creators and marketers to effortlessly produce professional, shareable video content.

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