Odyssey is developing Hollywood-grade visual AI for professional filmmakers and animators to create high-quality, controllable video content.
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What is Odyssey

Odyssey is a pioneering AI startup focused on creating advanced AI video tools for the entertainment industry. Founded by Oliver Cameron and Jeff Hawke, the company aims to revolutionize visual storytelling by developing Hollywood-grade visual AI technology. This technology enables professional filmmakers and animators to generate and precisely direct stunning video content, offering full control over every element in a scene, from landscapes and characters to lighting and motion. Odyssey's approach involves multiple specialized AI models that work together to produce high-quality geometric shapes, realistic materials, impressive lighting, and controllable motion, all integrated into existing production workflows used in Hollywood and gaming.

Key Features of Odyssey

Odyssey offers a breakthrough in visual AI technology, providing Hollywood-grade capabilities for generating and directing beautiful scenery, characters, lighting, and motion. The system uses four powerful generative models to enable fine-tuned control over each major layer of visual storytelling.
Multiple AI Models: Four specialized models for generating high-quality geometry, photorealistic materials, stunning lighting, and controllable motion
Fine-tuned Control: Full control over every element in the scene, from landscapes to characters and low-level details
Workflow Integration: First-class integrations into existing production workflows used in Hollywood and gaming
Rapid Scene Generation: Ability to quickly generate scenes and shots exactly as envisioned


Advanced AI technology for high-quality video generation
Precise control over visual elements
Integration with existing industry workflows
Potential to significantly enhance creative capabilities


May require learning new tools and techniques
Potential concerns about AI's impact on traditional filmmaking roles
Possibly high initial investment or subscription costs

Use Cases of Odyssey

Creating movies and TV shows
Developing video games
Producing high-quality visual effects
Rapid prototyping of visual concepts
Enhancing pre-visualization in film production

How to Use Odyssey

Sign up for access to Odyssey (contact information available on their website)
Integrate Odyssey's AI tools into your existing production workflow
Use the multiple AI models to generate high-quality geometry, materials, lighting, and motion
Fine-tune and control every element of your scene using the provided tools
Iterate and refine your visual content as needed
Export the final product for use in your movie, TV show, or video game project

Odyssey FAQs

Odyssey focuses on Hollywood-grade visual AI, offering professional-level quality and control that goes beyond typical AI video generators. It uses multiple specialized models to provide fine-tuned control over various aspects of visual storytelling.

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